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  • Harry W. James
    Dec 11, 2001
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      Our local home supply place gets in many differn't types of plywood for
      1/4 in AC. We are currently building 3 Cartoppers in partnership with
      Fritz Funk, that are using a sort of Luan facing that is not too bad.
      Currently the supply place has some A/C that is gorgeous, so it pays to
      shop around and get it when the getting is good, build later.

      I have used straight AC fir and have just painted it. Yep it checks, but
      the two 9' Lark dories in the back yard, have laid around outside in
      Alaska weather for 10 years and are not pretty, but still are
      serviceable. I built them for a total cost of $75 out of leftover stuff
      and a few bought sheets of 1/4 AC Fir. I think if I was going to use fir
      again, I would try Linseed oil with oil based paint over.

      One of the group members has a test method for plywood that I like. He
      puts it in the dishwasher.


      taz97355 wrote:
      > Still looking over the plans and building a scale model and coming up
      > with more and more questions. Has anyone had experience using plain
      > old shop grade 1/4 inch plywood in building a Bolger boat? I keep
      > reading conflicting stories about checking, voids, marine grade and
      > on and on. Any idea on how long a boat out of 1/4 fir would last with
      > just paint on it? Marine plywood with epoxy and glass adds up to a
      > chunk of money for a design that I cannot verify as to being a good
      > runner.(no one will fess up to having one ) I am thinking that if fir
      > is ok then I could build a nice marine plywood and glass madel later.
      > Back to the original question, any experienced builders that have
      > used fir,how about a little experience sharing with this neophyte
      > builder, (I'll upgrade myself to novice if I build one that floats).
      > Thanks, Terry
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