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  • sneakeasy2000
    Dec 11, 2001
      I have now built 4 boats using 1/4 luan on the sides. 2 punts, a 23
      foot schooner, and my present Sneakeasy. Except for the Sneakeasy,
      which is completely covered on the outside with glass and epoxy, I
      have had excellent luck with the luan. On the others I primed and
      painted with Interlux Brightsides. I got some minor checking on the
      schooner but the others are still fine. Perhaps using better quality
      polyurethane paint makes a difference, I;m not sure, maybe the group
      has an opinion. I guess I disagree with Dynamite, who I respect
      greatly, I like the luan. I have used 3/4 luan on my Sneakeasy
      transom, it is just great stuff to work with!!
      Steve Bosquette

      --- In bolger@y..., "pvanderwaart" <pvanderw@o...> wrote:
      > I built an Elegant Punt out of 1/4" fir marine ply about 25 years
      > ago. It was primed and painted. No epoxy on the finish.For a decade
      > or more, it has been stored outdoors. At present it has ivy growing
      > over it. It has checked deeply and everywhere, but I would still
      > count on being able to row across the cove in it.
      > Peter
      > > The tendency for Fir ply to check is a cosmetic problem only.
      > stuff is pretty resistant to rot, and will last for quite a while
      > with reasonable care, even with checking. Marine grade fir will
      > check too. You might want to consider using Lauan ply as it is
      > cheaper than fir, but won't check as badly.
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