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  • pvanderwaart
    Dec 11, 2001
      I built an Elegant Punt out of 1/4" fir marine ply about 25 years
      ago. It was primed and painted. No epoxy on the finish.For a decade
      or more, it has been stored outdoors. At present it has ivy growing
      over it. It has checked deeply and everywhere, but I would still
      count on being able to row across the cove in it.


      > The tendency for Fir ply to check is a cosmetic problem only. The
      stuff is pretty resistant to rot, and will last for quite a while
      with reasonable care, even with checking. Marine grade fir will
      check too. You might want to consider using Lauan ply as it is
      cheaper than fir, but won't check as badly.
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