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  • rlspell2000
    Dec 11, 2001
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      Why don't you use 1/4" BC pine?

      --- In bolger@y..., "bgbeck55" <bgbeck55@y...> wrote:
      > I can't respond to your plywood questions, but I can add
      > regarding the "Fishcat" design.
      > CSB does still offer the plans.(See http://www.common-sense-
      > boats.com/boats/Power_Boats/fishcat.htm ) They've put up a new
      > of one built in California. I corresponded with the builder as to
      > experience. Overall he liked it very much. He did say that there
      > a tendency for the boat tho throw water up from the motor mounting
      > area. He was experimenting with a fin ahead of the outboard motor
      > reduce the spray from that area. He also recommended using a 20" or
      > long-shaft outboard. The plans show both.
      > As near as I can find, there are only to two "Fishcat"s in
      > existence. Bernie Wolfard's "prototype" and the one I just
      > I purchsed plans from CSB and asked Bernie about the design and a
      > couple of changes I wanted to make. The answer was more like the
      > catalog description rather than assistance. I've since "bit the
      > bullet" and ordered plans from PCB&F, but haven't had the time to
      > down and write out my questions to PCB. The plans are $75 BTW.
      > Bruce
      > --- In bolger@y..., "taz97355" <taz97355@y...> wrote:
      > > Still looking over the plans and building a scale model and
      > up
      > > with more and more questions. Has anyone had experience using
      > > old shop grade 1/4 inch plywood in building a Bolger boat? I keep
      > > reading conflicting stories about checking, voids, marine grade
      > > on and on. Any idea on how long a boat out of 1/4 fir would last
      > with
      > > just paint on it? Marine plywood with epoxy and glass adds up to
      > > chunk of money for a design that I cannot verify as to being a
      > > runner.(no one will fess up to having one ) I am thinking that if
      > fir
      > > is ok then I could build a nice marine plywood and glass madel
      > later.
      > > Back to the original question, any experienced builders that have
      > > used fir,how about a little experience sharing with this neophyte
      > > builder, (I'll upgrade myself to novice if I build one that
      > > Thanks, Terry
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