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16122Re: [bolger] Fishcat

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  • Mark Albanese
    Dec 11, 2001
      I don't believe CSD carries Fishcat any more, so there's a
      good chance you got your plans direct from Philip Bolger. He
      will be an excellent source for info re: what to expect.
      It's more economical to build just the one.

      When partner with PCB, Bernie Wolfard wrote about his own:

      "Fishcat is a power cat that works."
      ...Fishcat with only 25 hp will scoot!"
      "She'll feel like she is doing 60..."
      "I have fished everything from small mountain lakes to
      Oregon river bars with utmost confidence"
      "In the rough stuff, standing in one of the hulls provides
      security and two anglers, both with heavy fish on the same
      side of the boat won't cause any anxiety about flipping


      taz97355 wrote:
      >Marine plywood with epoxy and glass adds
      > up to a
      > chunk of money for a design that I cannot verify as to
      > being a good
      > runner.(no one will fess up to having one ) I am thinking
      > that if fir
      > is ok then I could build a nice marine plywood and glass
      > madel later.

      > Thanks, Terry
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