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  • taz97355
    Dec 10, 2001
      Still looking over the plans and building a scale model and coming up
      with more and more questions. Has anyone had experience using plain
      old shop grade 1/4 inch plywood in building a Bolger boat? I keep
      reading conflicting stories about checking, voids, marine grade and
      on and on. Any idea on how long a boat out of 1/4 fir would last with
      just paint on it? Marine plywood with epoxy and glass adds up to a
      chunk of money for a design that I cannot verify as to being a good
      runner.(no one will fess up to having one ) I am thinking that if fir
      is ok then I could build a nice marine plywood and glass madel later.
      Back to the original question, any experienced builders that have
      used fir,how about a little experience sharing with this neophyte
      builder, (I'll upgrade myself to novice if I build one that floats).
      Thanks, Terry
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