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15901Re: Fir "Masts" on the stump "Free"

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  • richard@spellingbusiness.com
    Dec 3 10:13 AM
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      Thanks. Probably a good idea you have there, use a tree.
      However, "free" in this case is a 3000 mile trip, about $200 in gas.
      That buys a lot of good lumber yard boards...

      --- In bolger@y..., pateson@c... wrote:
      > I think this is where I came in a long time ago, but
      > I still have a Lot Douglas Fir poles growing withing
      > a few hundred feet of my cabin.
      > They were all planted too close together and grew for the
      > light. Very tall and skinny. Few limbs.
      > Most are 10-60 years old.
      > I might have some tops that would be "Surf" size.
      > I know I have anything larger, up to Smalll Schooner.
      > The Tapper to length is about right for mast building.
      > Also could be used for Booms or Yards.
      > "Simple" Is best, and putting up a "Tree" is about as
      > simple as it gets. Built in "Tapper".
      > Seriously, the round "tree" distibutes the forces much
      > better that sawn lumber. Center of Tree is center of mast.
      > Radial grain. There Is No "Cross Grain" and Knots
      > are not nearly the factor they are in a "Board".
      > That's why a laminated "Board" mast is much better than solid.
      > I can also give personal testimony to these "Masts"
      > supporting their tops in 60+ Knot winds.
      > They come up from the roots before they break.
      > But that is when they are green and living.
      > I live about 30 miles South East of Portland, Oregon, USA.
      > Anybody that is interested is welcome.
      > pateson@c...
      > I can cut it to lenght, but transportation from here is
      > up to you.
      > "Free" Just a ride on your boat when you get it build.
      > Have fun
      > Pat Patteson
      > Molalla, Oregon
      > (You would think with all these "Free" masts around, I would
      > do better that Irrigation pipe to the "Toad".)
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