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15882Re: [bolger] Re: Kiln-Dried Fir for Surf Mast? Spruce?

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  • thomas dalzell
    Dec 2, 2001
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      I get it, that won't win you much in lamination terms,
      but what it does is if there is a no-fatal degree of
      grain run-out, etc... the inversion will more likely
      line up the good with the bad, and as a result give
      you a reduced chance of having a really fatal flaw
      somewhere, either as regards a tendancy to warp, or a
      tendance to break. Doing this with a really nice
      plank would be useless.

      My preference is just to use my eyes. If I see a
      fatal knot, I scarph around it, etc... A lot of these
      boats use free-standing spars. These aren't going to
      be loaded mostly in compresion, obviously they
      deflect, so all the larger flaws should really be cut
      arround, since they aren't going to like tension much
      at all.

      Someone mentioned elsewhere offsetting scarphs.
      Nothing wrong with that, but if they are properly
      done, they amount to lamination and may strengthen the
      spar. That was the Piver strategy, enough overlaping
      scarps that they stiffened things up.

      Anyway, far be it for me to argue with what works.

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