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15871Re: [bolger] Re: Concrete keels?

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  • thomas dalzell
    Dec 2, 2001
      In micro's case the slug is inserted into a plywood
      housing, so you couldn't get reasonable stability from
      cement in the shoe, but you possibly could with a full
      length cement keel.

      --- amoore@... wrote:

      I must agree with Bill here.  There is a reason
      the old timers use<BR>
      lead most of the time and most of that reason is
      density.  For the<BR>
      price and availability you can't get much
      denser.  Switching a micro<BR>
      keel to cement you would have to increase you depth
      quite a bit to get<BR>
      the same righting arm.  There is another reason
      to use lead and it<BR>
      depends on the ballast location, not being familar
      with Micro's I<BR>
      don't know if this applies.  Lead is soft and if
      external (bolted on<BR>
      the bottom of the hull as apposed to poored in the
      hull) ballast is<BR>
      used it can make for a very good shock aborber against
      an unfortunate<BR>
      bump on something hard like a rock.  Iron can
      send a terible vibration<BR>
      through the hull affecting the keel bolts, cement
      could crumble and or<BR>
      vibrate the keel bolts(or what ever) which would be
      very difficult to<BR>
      repare.  Any dents in lead are easy to


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