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15869Re: Concrete keels?

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  • amoore@hfx.eastlink.ca
    Dec 2, 2001
      I must agree with Bill here. There is a reason the old timers use
      lead most of the time and most of that reason is density. For the
      price and availability you can't get much denser. Switching a micro
      keel to cement you would have to increase you depth quite a bit to get
      the same righting arm. There is another reason to use lead and it
      depends on the ballast location, not being familar with Micro's I
      don't know if this applies. Lead is soft and if external (bolted on
      the bottom of the hull as apposed to poored in the hull) ballast is
      used it can make for a very good shock aborber against an unfortunate
      bump on something hard like a rock. Iron can send a terible vibration
      through the hull affecting the keel bolts, cement could crumble and or
      vibrate the keel bolts(or what ever) which would be very difficult to
      repare. Any dents in lead are easy to repare.

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