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  • Mark Albanese
    Dec 2, 2001
      'Displacement Redoo'

      Put Anhinga's lines in Hull Designer. Besides enabling
      greater precision over Plyboats, it taught me something by
      giving a different set of returns on Anhinga's static
      righting moment.

      The 2400 lb boat came back the same 1450 ft. lb torque. The
      lighter, 1500 pound boat, isn't nearly so close anymore at
      975 ft. lb. Crudely, adding about half again the weight
      resulted in about half again the added righting force. Again
      though, it's an underestimate because of the zero ballast condition.

      Built in 3/8ths and ready to roam, Thomas, a 1799 pound
      Anhinga has 1153 ft. lb, still pretty close to a 1/4" one;
      yet say a helpful 20% improvement.

      BTW the boat's prismatic coefficient is .62. The D/L's about
      a hundred. Call mine 'Slipper.'
      Hull's three files are in the Anhinga folder at Bolger2.

      Thank you GHC.

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