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  • Harry W. James
    Nov 27, 2001
      For those who missed it earlier, Fritz K has a real good site on his
      Double Eagle at


      He has pictures from late summer.

      My thoughts other than the previous rave, were that this is a very, very
      large one man project. If you look on the site you can see the very
      narrow shop that Fritz is working in. In spite of the cramped quarters,
      he is doing very nice work, and I was kind of envious of the finish
      quality of some of his liquid joinery work.

      I had seen the plans in MAIB, and I had thought I wouldn't mind building
      one of those. That all changed when I got up close and touched and gazed
      on the actual product.

      Those of you that have built Micro's think of what it took to finish it.
      Now multiply that by 6 at least. You have one hull done buddy, one more
      to go. Then you get to tie them together, and do the rig, oh and don't
      forget the interior joinery, and systems.

      I think that Fritz has more time then most of us to work on the project
      during the winter, but still one man can only generate so many
      man-hours. I think he is going to get it done, and not to far off of his
      estimates either (2-3 more years). Most of us don't have the focus to
      keep at a project of this magnitude.


      thomas dalzell wrote:
      > Has anyone seen any pictures on the web, or heard
      > anything about the jaunty looking Bolger designed
      > Double Eagle? A catamaran described as a 39'
      > wilderness cabin for six paying guests on week-long
      > trips in the Alaska wilderness.
      > A sheet for it was featured in Wooden Boat #146.
      > Any information would be appreciated.
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