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  • Chuck Merrell
    Jan 1, 2000
      Hello all, and Happy 2000!

      While cleaning out some of the twentieth century debris to make room for the
      twenty-first century debris, I ran across a file of pre-Internet newsletters
      of twelve years ago, called "The Instant Boatbuilder". It was sort of like
      discovering "The Dead Sea Scrolls" of our group, and was published by a
      boat dreamer named Jeff Hull (in real life a pediatrician) in Corpus
      Christi, Texas. He'd bought a set of "Martha Jane" plans from Elrow, and
      caught up in the wonder of his new obsession decided to put out a monthly
      newsletter. The effort lasted a total of nine issues and died. Apparently
      he came up for air and realized that he could either be a kid doctor or
      publisher/boatbuilder, but not both.

      The historically significant thing about the seventy some pages that were
      contained in the nine newsletters was that Jeff went out and solicited
      material for content from other boat nuts and guru's around the country.
      Anyway, in the pages are contributions by Bolger, Dynamite, Yours truly,
      Bernie Wolfard, Jim Michalak (before he sold plans about the time he built
      the prototype Birdwatcher, also an interesting article by him of how to
      build a Gloucester Light Dory using Instant Boat Techniques, see issue #7),
      Dave Carnell, Bob and Sheila Wise, et al. There's even some deathless prose
      from Charles Stout, of long-micro fame. The pages contain some sophomoric
      treatment of various subjects and some inaccuracy too, but there are a few
      good tips along the way, a good bit of content of interest to Micro builders
      and from a historical standpoint, it's all quite interesting if not valuable
      (and like all efforts of this nature, it gets better as the publication got

      In any case, I've archived them in .pdf files on Private Postings (about
      500K each). It's pretty sure that not more than forty people in the world
      have ever seen this content. "Private Postings" URL is below. Click #9 on
      the list of archives.


      P. O. Box 80264
      Seattle, WA 98108-0264
      (206) 764-1298
      Email: chuck@...
      Web Site: http://www.boatdesign.com
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