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15238Re: [bolger] shorter "Sneakeasy" kinda boat

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  • Mark Albanese
    Nov 4, 2001
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      Thanks to you both for showing this.

      Reading through the April posts on this topic, was fun. The
      ideas for a sectioned boat from Max, part on trailer / part
      on roof; and GHC's note that his full sized boat went 9
      knots on only 5hp were especially interesting.
      The Lake Launch certainly makes the shorter boat workable.
      Perfect for Don's brother.

      Philip Bolger wrote in 30 0dd Boats:
      > As a final fillip, both hydrodynamic and stylistic, I suggested the beavertail with knife edge at the bottom to vent the wake cleanly. Ettore Bugatti retorted, when somebody complained about his brakes, that he built cars to go not stop. Firebrand is not designed to back up!

      Two related questions:

      I guess these extensions aft the real transom must help at
      high speed to leverage the bow down. Is there much advantage
      in the 6 or 8 knot range over a conventionally turned up bottom?

      What happens to the beavertail at lower speeds in a
      following sea or dirty motorboat wake?


      Chuck Leinweber wrote:
      > Ken sent me a scan of this nifty little boat. I posted it
      > for all to see:
      > http://www.duckworksmagazine.com/designs/LakeLaunch.gif
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