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15199Re: [bolger] Stability

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  • thomas dalzell
    Nov 1, 2001
      If the table is 4.5 x 3 feet, and the top and skirts
      amount to 6", then we are talking about a displacement
      of 420#. Not bad, all he needs is the matching Bimini

      --- Chuck Leinweber <chuck@...>

      Is this the picture you guys are talking about?:<BR>
        In a message dated 10/31/01 9:23:17 AM Central
      Standard Time, <BR>
        jmbell@... writes:<BR>
        > While that table was planing, I would have
      liked to see what happened when<BR>
        > he threw the helm over hard. A long skid
      followed by a spectacular high-side<BR>
        > trip?<BR>
        > <BR>
        > <BR>
        A very interesting question! I'd never thought
      about that. I wonder if the <BR>
        "rake" of the lower unit would have
      an influence on whether it would just <BR>
        skid sideways until the inevitable bad outcome
      occurred or if it would nicely <BR>
        carve out a turn? I'd be willing to bet that
      they didn't try it out! (I would <BR>
        have been pretty cautious - up to a point, at
      least) It would sure be neat to <BR>
        learn the details of how the stunt was done,
      wouldn't it?<BR>
        p.s. Is there any prospect that you could send
      the photo to me via e-mail? <BR>
        I'd love to see how far my memory diverges from
        Ciao for Niao<BR>
        Bill in MN<BR>
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