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15192Re: [bolger] Stability

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  • Chuck Leinweber
    Nov 1, 2001
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      Is this the picture you guys are talking about?:


      In a message dated 10/31/01 9:23:17 AM Central Standard Time,
      jmbell@... writes:

      > While that table was planing, I would have liked to see what happened when
      > he threw the helm over hard. A long skid followed by a spectacular high-side
      > trip?

      A very interesting question! I'd never thought about that. I wonder if the
      "rake" of the lower unit would have an influence on whether it would just
      skid sideways until the inevitable bad outcome occurred or if it would nicely
      carve out a turn? I'd be willing to bet that they didn't try it out! (I would
      have been pretty cautious - up to a point, at least) It would sure be neat to
      learn the details of how the stunt was done, wouldn't it?

      p.s. Is there any prospect that you could send the photo to me via e-mail?
      I'd love to see how far my memory diverges from reality.

      Ciao for Niao
      Bill in MN

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