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15183Re: info on "missing" Bolger designs

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  • david galvin
    Oct 31, 2001

      Bateau #517 is a 25'6"x4'10" flat bottomed plywood rowboat. It is
      designed for three oarsman and a cockswain, and requires seven sheets
      of 1/2" plywood to build. I don't know if it's the "Budjet Bateau" to
      which you refer.

      Houseboat has been commented on by others. Bolger definitely no
      longer offers plans for this one.

      Blackbird #443 is a 23'4"x7'8" cabin cruiser designed for a fifteen
      to ninety horsepower outboard. It is a round bottomed boat with vee
      berths and a minimal head and galley. Intended for cold-molded wood
      construction, it would be a long time building, but it is a lovely
      boat of the type.

      Dugong #365 is a 26'x5'4" cold-molded cruising canoe. It displaces
      1400 lbs. and sleeps two--minimally. I think of it as a sort of "rich
      man's Birdwatcher". It has a boomed sprit rig and can also be rowed
      by one person. With its leeboards up it draws five inches of water.

      Gale #492 is a plywood-on-frame center-console power boat. It
      reportedly does eighteen knots with a fifteen horsepower outboard.
      Semi-Vee bottomed and 29'x5'2", it would be fairly challenging to

      Your guess is correct concerning Samuel Clyde, a business-like live-
      aboard cruiser for two to four. It needs a 100-200 hp I/O for power.

      Steel Trawler is a 39'x14'x3'9" draft ocean-capable, uh, steel
      trawler. The interior is laid out for four (or five or six). You
      could, of course, install a baby grand piano in the forpeak in leau
      of two of the berths, or an upright in the saloon instead of the
      sofa. It requires an eighty horsepower diesel inboard and displaces
      40,000 lbs, all up. This is a very serious boat for very serious

      Sybil's Yawl #507, a rich man's Tortoise, is 7'6"x3'11". A flat-
      bottomed lapstrake dinghy designed for oars or a two horsepower
      outboard, if used as a yawl boat she can use up to six horsepower.

      Tartar, 25'6"x6'8", is a cold-molded outboard cruiser with two berths
      under a convertible top. There are no other accomodations. It had
      a "semi-vee" hull and is designed for a seventy horsepower outboard.

      --- In bolger@y..., "Gerry" <ghinkle@h...> wrote:
      > While doing a random search on Bolger in Google, I came across an
      > archived sale notice from Common Sense Designs back in 1996.
      > Apparently they used to carry many more (approx 50) Bolger plans
      > they do now.
      > It took some digging, but I managed to cross-reference most of them
      > the various books and MAIB index (thru Dec 2000). I
      > haven't found a Small Boat Journal (SBJ) index yet (pointers,
      > anyone?). There are a few left that I couldn't find, or were not
      > definatively matched up in MAIB.
      > I'd like to get at least a length and hull/class/family description
      > these. Hopefully they'll get added into the indexes here and
      > elsewhere as a result. I suppose I may have just volunteered to
      > create the "not found in print" list for Bolger designs...
      > Bateau #517 -> is this the "Budget Bateau" in the MAIB index ?
      > Houseboat #481 -> several hits in MAIB, dunno which one?
      > Blackbird #443
      > Dugong #365
      > Gale #492
      > Samuel Clyde #544 -> maybe? 32' Plywood Motorboat, MAIB v13 i-4 p10
      > Steel Trawler #409
      > Sybil's Yawl #507
      > Tartar #424
      > I suppose I could write to Mr. Bolger, but I figured the group might
      > have fun with this in light of the discussion about indexing the
      > designs.
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