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  • John Bell
    Oct 31 7:16 AM
      I'm not that old, somebody sent it to me over the internet.

      While that table was planing, I would have liked to see what happened when
      he threw the helm over hard. A long skid followed by a spectacular high-side


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      | > I've got a picture
      | > somewhere of a guy zipping around on an overturned library table fitted
      | > about a 5 hp outboard. That table is very clearly up on plane.
      | >
      | >
      | You must be either ancient or an antiquarian! I recall an advertisement
      | 100 years ago in the old "Rudder" magazine. I believe it was for Mercury
      | outboards, with a caption "Given the right power, I can plane a tabletop!"
      | It featured a photograph of a male planing a simple upside-down table (a
      | "kitchen table", I would call it, somewhat smaller and lighter than a
      | "library table"). I remember being skeptical that it had enough freeboard
      | him to get it started without some kind of special arrangements, but there
      | was no doubt that it was planing as nice as could be in the photo.
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