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  • proaconstrictor@yahoo.ca
    Oct 30, 2001
      I wasn't suggesting that a flat bottom boat was ideal for fly
      fishing. With very broad generality we have only two flyfishing
      specific craft (that don't require waders) one is the Mackenzie drift
      Boat, the image of which Diablo did not conjur up. The other is the
      flats boat. Of course most boats could be used for FF, and with the
      expantion of salt water fishing all over the place, different types
      of hulls are becoming pretty necesary.

      My point was just that if you want an FF flats boat, or a boat which
      allows a simmilar degree of platform for a flyrod, you might want to
      consider a flat bottom boat in order to aquire stability. The
      ability of a Diablo to firm up with the gunnel near the water might
      impress me if the objective was freestyle canoe paddling ;o), but not
      so much where serious fishing is concerned.

      Of course flats boats are V bottomed, but they are also pretty heavy,
      which is their source of stability. A flat bottom boat not only has
      greatter form stability, but provides the option of a lower center of
      gravity. I can't really see someone poling from a platform mounted
      over the motor on a diablo, but I think it might be possible on the
      clam skiff series. Anyone who has seen the ad with guy setting his
      hook into a passing jet skier, will appreciate the need for
      stability ;O).

      But as I said, if we are just talking about a boat from which fly
      fishing might occur, then the sky is the limit as far as options are

      --- In bolger@y..., don@s... wrote:
      > In what I am reading some people are suggesting that a flat bottom
      > boat might be better for stability for fly fishing. I still what
      > be able to get the boat on the plane with not to large sized motor.
      > I know very little about hull design. Can you get a flat bottom
      > on the plane? Do you need more horse power?
      > What are the advantages and disadvantages of the V and flat bottom
      > designs?
      > What boats would people suggest?
      > regards
      > Don
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