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15170Re: [bolger] Stability

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  • wmrpage@aol.com
    Oct 30, 2001
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      In a message dated 10/30/01 7:40:43 PM Central Standard Time,
      jmbell@... writes:

      > I've got a picture
      > somewhere of a guy zipping around on an overturned library table fitted with
      > about a 5 hp outboard. That table is very clearly up on plane.

      You must be either ancient or an antiquarian! I recall an advertisement about
      100 years ago in the old "Rudder" magazine. I believe it was for Mercury
      outboards, with a caption "Given the right power, I can plane a tabletop!"
      It featured a photograph of a male planing a simple upside-down table (a
      "kitchen table", I would call it, somewhat smaller and lighter than a
      "library table"). I remember being skeptical that it had enough freeboard for
      him to get it started without some kind of special arrangements, but there
      was no doubt that it was planing as nice as could be in the photo.

      I agree that you are right on the money that "flat" is best for planing in
      flat water. On another note, somewhere in Bolger's opus he remarks that
      "deep-V" hulls, if driven fast enough, have a tendency to "flop" over on one
      side or the other and plane on one "side" of the "V". I've never experienced
      or witnessed that phenomena, but wouldn't want to be on board a boat that did
      that - it would have to be travelling at some prodigious speed - sounds both
      scary and dangerous.

      Bill in MN

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