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15110Re: info on "missing" Bolger designs

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  • inf0man@hotmail.com
    Oct 29, 2001
      Samuel Clyde #544 is a hard-chine plywood I/O cruiser, 31'0" x 8'3" x
      1'0". It is described in BWAOM p. 3229.

      Steel Trawler #409 is a steel box-keel diesel trawler, 39'0" x
      14'0"x3'9". It is described in BWAOM p. 392, is called "Shady Lady".

      --- In bolger@y..., "Gerry" <ghinkle@h...> wrote:
      > While doing a random search on Bolger in Google, I came across an
      > archived sale notice from Common Sense Designs back in 1996.
      > Apparently they used to carry many more (approx 50) Bolger plans
      > they do now.
      > It took some digging, but I managed to cross-reference most of them
      > the various books and MAIB index (thru Dec 2000). I
      > haven't found a Small Boat Journal (SBJ) index yet (pointers,
      > anyone?). There are a few left that I couldn't find, or were not
      > definatively matched up in MAIB.
      > I'd like to get at least a length and hull/class/family description
      > these. Hopefully they'll get added into the indexes here and
      > elsewhere as a result. I suppose I may have just volunteered to
      > create the "not found in print" list for Bolger designs...
      > Bateau #517 -> is this the "Budget Bateau" in the MAIB index ?
      > Houseboat #481 -> several hits in MAIB, dunno which one?
      > Blackbird #443
      > Dugong #365
      > Gale #492
      > Samuel Clyde #544 -> maybe? 32' Plywood Motorboat, MAIB v13 i-4 p10
      > Steel Trawler #409
      > Sybil's Yawl #507
      > Tartar #424
      > I suppose I could write to Mr. Bolger, but I figured the group might
      > have fun with this in light of the discussion about indexing the
      > designs.
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