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14679tinting polycarbonate (was: window thickness)

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  • richard@spellingbusiness.com
    Oct 3, 2001
      Research would seam to indicate that polycarbonate aka Lexan is 2-6
      times as strong as plywood.

      So, if I use 1/4" thickness polycarbonate with the 1/2" ply
      pilothouse on the CLC, I should have a nice strong structure without
      having to go to extraordinary lengths to to strengthen the ply
      structure to hold non loadbearing windows.

      One question answered.

      Now, can I buy clear polycarbonate and use the auto window tinting
      film on it before assembly, to get exactly the shade of tint I want
      on the windows?

      I'm pretty sure it's a water based glue they use.

      --- In bolger@y..., richard@s... wrote:
      > Any of your WDJ or Birdwatcher builders care to reveal the
      > of the polycarbonate/lexan you used for your windows? 1/8"? 1/4"?
      > Plans for CLC say nothing. Write up from Chebacco News mentions
      > laminated glass.
      > Anyone?
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