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14657RE: [bolger] Redwood?

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  • Paul Lefebvre
    Oct 2, 2001
      > Redwood is occasionally used in strippers. However, there's not much
      > grain--it's a nice color, but solid. Cedar, on the other hand, cna have a
      > very nice grain to it, too.

      I've used some redwood in my strippers. The small strips of redwood split
      very easily when stapled or nailed - they also don't tolerate much bending
      before splitting. But it can make very nice accent strips, which is about
      all I have the patience to use it for. Nothing really comes close to western
      red cedar for stripping - lightweight, beautiful, easy to work, smells good,
      etc..... I agree with Tom Dalzell, and Harry James's posts - I've stood next
      to some big red cedars in the Sierras, and they are a sight to behold; it's
      a shame to see so much perfect red cedar split into shingles - it oughta be
      reserved for musical instruments - and boats!

      Paul L
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