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14655Re: [bolger] Redwood?

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  • Chris Crandall
    Oct 2, 2001
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      On Mon, 1 Oct 2001 boatbuilding@... wrote:
      > Redwood is never mentioned as an option for boat building. I was just
      > curious as to why that may be. It has reasonable rot resistance, if
      > allowed to dry good and epoxy coated would stable. I know it may not
      > perfect but for stringers and bilge areas, would it be a decent
      > option? Epoxy coated, it would last the life a any wood boat.

      It's largely because western red cedar is a better option on almost every
      dimension. Cedar is lighter, often cheaper, more plentiful around the
      country, less prone to splitting, and more able to take a pounding.

      I used red cedar as a butt block that runs athwart my shantyboat's cabin
      sole (it was a quickie boat, and the bottoms side of the plywood panels
      are completely epoxy/fiberglassed). We walk all over it, scuffing along,
      and drop things on it. Very little signs of wear--I've benn quite happily

      Redwood is occasionally used in strippers. However, there's not much
      grain--it's a nice color, but solid. Cedar, on the other hand, cna have a
      very nice grain to it, too.

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