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14349Re: Wes Gardner's 18' sharpie

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  • Bill Kreamer
    Sep 14, 2001
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      Thank you so much, I just sent him another email. I'll keep the group
      posted. - Bill Kreamer
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      Hi Bill: I don't know which address you tried, but I've seen two e-
      mail addresses for Wes on various web pages relating to his sharpie.
      The addresses are as follows:


      Good luck,
      Stephen Paskey

      --- In bolger@y..., "Bill Kreamer" <kreamer@m...> wrote:
      > Thanks to all who gave me information. I'm now trying to get
      information on Wes Gardner's 18' sharpie. I sent him an email but no
      reply yet. Has anyone got his offsets?

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