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14107Re: [bolger] Paradox--Opinions Please

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  • KF4call@aol.com
    Sep 1, 2001
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      LL a great looking little boat with apparently good stability designed in.
      Are you ready for a 4 1/2' beam? You and your wife could try sitting side by
      side on a sheet of plywood and see how the restrictions of that dimension
      suit you. Yes, the ply is 6 inches narrower, but then I imagine there are a
      few inches lost to decking or space for fastners on each side. Also, beam or
      lack of same can make a significant contribution to stability. Oldshoe, the
      "baby" Micro, has a beam of 5'. It is, however, an appealing looking boat
      with an actual voyage to back up the designers claims.
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