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14106Paradox--Opinions Please

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  • Glenn
    Sep 1, 2001
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      Hi guys. I seek your help. I had a Micro in my future for some
      coastal cruising and a little off shore sailing. Then about three
      weeks ago I discovered Paradox, a Matt Layden design 14'. I think I
      have fallen in love the more I see of it. Not quite as much boat as
      Micro, but I think it would fit my wife and I perfectly.

      Please take a look at it at this site:


      I've been lurking on this group about two months and I would really
      like to hear your opinions comparing the two boats. You guys
      have "Been there and done that"! At least some of your have.

      OK fellows. Let me have it. I think I can take it!

      Thanks---Glenn Powell
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