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13829Re: latex paints

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  • cha62759@traverse.com
    Aug 23, 2001
      --- In bolger@y..., cadbury@s... wrote:
      > --- In bolger@y..., dbaldnz@y... wrote:
      > > However, I would not use latex anywhere underwater, at this point
      > > anyway.
      > My AF4 is painted with (2) coats of latex primer and (2) coats
      > of acrylic latex topcoat over bare plywood (not epoxy soaked).
      > So far there has been no problems with the paint below the waterline
      > (or above.) The boat has sat in the water for about 48 hours each
      > over (3) weekends this year, with several shorter periods of
      > a few hours each (day trips.) It will be in the water for about
      > 48 hours again this weekend.

      You are not likely to have a problem with your latex bottom if you are
      trailersailing even with the boat in the water for a few days but if
      you leave your boat on a mooring for a season you are very likely
      going to have blistering or worse.

      Bob Chamberland
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