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13828Re: latex paints

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  • pvanderw@optonline.net
    Aug 23, 2001
      > Don, your comment about old-time painters saying always use oil
      based primer for latex top coats....I had the same feedback as you
      from older painters.

      The bias in favor of oil paint on the part of "old-time painters" is
      very strong, but the paint makers (who test their products
      scientificaly) thing the current latex paints are better, at least
      for houses. I think the painters must have tried the first latex
      paints back in the '50's or whenever, and formed their opinion then.

      The government has applied strong pressure to reduce the use of
      organic solvents, of course.

      From the environmental/safety point of view, the modern world seem to
      be dividing between the very safe latex paint, and the positively
      poisonous like AllGrip.

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