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13820Re: latex over polyurethane

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  • cha62759@traverse.com
    Aug 22, 2001
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      --- In bolger@y..., sanmi@y... wrote:
      > I've been following the latex conversation thread and it reminds me
      > of a problem I am soon to face.
      > My new-to-me boat is painted with a one-part polyurethane paint sold
      > as a rust paint (don't know the brand or part name). It looks great
      > on the boat but I will need to perform repairs which require touch
      > repainting and I am considering switching to latex house paint at
      > same time. On of the reasons for contemplating a switch is that I
      > tend to bang my boats around a lot and I'd like a coating that is
      > easy to retouch.
      > So...has anyone replaced one-part polyurethane with latex? I am
      > wondering whether I have to go down to the bare wood or not.
      > Frank San Miguel

      Hi Frank,
      Give your paint the masking tape test. Put a strip of tape on the
      painted surface then rip it off. If it doesn't pull any paint off then
      I would consider it a base coat. I would just sand it down as directed
      by the fine print on the can of primer.

      If the paint rips off, take it off, but you shouldn't have to go down
      to bare wood unless what came off with the tape went to bare wood
      also. I think the fine print on most paint cans cautions about using
      primer over unidentified previously painted surfaces.

      Bob Chamberland
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