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13346Re: Aircraft Carrier

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  • bruce_hector@hotmail.com
    Aug 7, 2001
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      Would a doubled Wyoming, 106 feet long with a 16 - 20 foot beam be
      unstable? She would have the flight deck only 8 feet above it's
      bottom. With a maximum deck height of only half it's beam, on a flat
      bottom, she'd have a lot of initial and reserve stability. I don't
      think height will be a problem. 6' 6" head room with 12" laminated
      roof/deck beams to take the landing loads. She'd be as low as a
      regular sized Wyoh with tice the length and beam. I'd have nothing
      above the flight deck except for a 24" high conning station. Even
      this could be eliminated (or be a pop up as you suggest)and the boat
      conned from a wheelhouse right forward on the main deck level, many
      100' houseboats are conned from the main deck, the flying bridge
      being primarily used as an entertainment centre. Remote video cameras
      can scan aft.

      Marina fees would be a bit steep, so anchoring out would be the norm.
      A good launch could be kept instantly available on davits below the
      aft flight deck overhang. Have you seen the sketch I posted on
      Bolger2? What do you think? Mad Bruce
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