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13318Re: [bolger] Re: The maiden sailing voyage of the Brick "Thickasa"

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  • Harry W. James
    Aug 6, 2001
      I mentioned this company in late May in the hopes that somebody in the
      group had experience with them and could respond. No luck. We have 4
      sails to buy here so we are looking for a good deal, if the product is
      worth while. I am thinking of buying one of the Ulta sails and one
      sailrite and comparing. If one of you beats me to it for Ulta Sail,
      please comment. There appears to be no negative comments on Sailrite.

      The Ulta sail price is $110 + $13 shipping by the way, not $120.

      I was going to put the sailrite Carter price up, but their server
      choked. Around $135, shipping unknown.

      The Ultra sail is a complete sail, the sailrite is a kit.

      > >mentioned a site that has a sail for the Cartopper? Seemed like the
      > >price was really low.
      > >
      > >Do you remember where this site might be?
      > >
      > >Thanks again
      > >
      > I think the site is ultasail the cost is $120.00 plus $13.00 shipping
      > I have not bought one but am thinking about it. I e-mailed them asking
      > if this cartopper was the same as the Brick and thier responce was fast. The
      > site address is http://ultasail.com/
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