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13292Re: paints water or oil based ?

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  • cadbury@swbell.net
    Aug 3, 2001
      --- In bolger@y..., "Todd" <bitme1234@y...> wrote:
      > What paint would be best for my brick exterior latex oil base or
      > water base? Is there another type that would be even beter?
      > My brick is built with acx fir and has no epoxy on it.
      > Liquid nails, bronze silicone ringed nails, and screws only .
      > Which paint would be best to use?
      > Thanks ,
      > Todd

      I painted my boat with (2) coats of latex primer, and two top
      coats of acrylic latex exterior house paint. No epoxy
      saturation or cloth.

      I think the paint has held up OK so far, but it was painted in
      March so not much time has passed. Also, the boat has been siting
      in a garage, out of the sun, but not out of the heat (it gets
      hot in there). I just noticed today that some knots in the pine
      plywood are starting to bleed through the paint. Probably the heat
      is helping that along.

      Let us know how the liquid nails works out. I used P.L. Premium.

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