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13285Re: The maiden sailing voyage of the Brick "Thickasa"

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  • Bruce Coho
    Aug 3, 2001
      Thanks, thinking back I suspect that that was how we were arranged.
      I explained to Dan that the boat was originally designed without the
      seat and that sailing we should not use it. The straddle seat has
      been a great inspiration (probably from the Das Box info posted on
      the net) and has increased the utility of the boat. All we did was
      cut 10" or 11" off of the sides (It was whatever the distance was
      from the top of the boat down to where the bow transom and bottom
      come together plus something for framing)and about an inch and a half
      from the ends. The width was determined by someone sitting on a wire
      milk crate and guessing. It was all very custom.

      If I had it to do over again, I think I would go 2"( or at least a
      little more than 1 1/2") off of each end to make it easier to get in
      and out. It fits perfectly so its a little tight and we may have
      over built, but it is a little cumbersome for one person to put in
      and out and try to get the battery underneath it. The one
      consolation is that with one person, you don't really have to hide
      the battery box and just sit with both legs on the opposite side of
      the boat. Seems to balance well.

      The general consensus is that Thickasa is going to be around for a
      while. I don't expect the poly tarp sail to last for more than a
      year or two. I have found the post that has the Bohndell Sail
      address, but there was amnother post in the past few months that
      mentioned a site that has a sail for the Cartopper? Seemed like the
      price was really low.

      Do you remember where this site might be?

      Thanks again

      --- In bolger@y..., "Lincoln Ross" <lincolnr@m...> wrote:
      > Congrats. Our Brick sails well too, and we are very happy with the
      > Bohndell sail. We have found that with two passengers it is best if
      > one sits with back against port side and other with back against
      > starboard, somewhere near amidships. Very comfortable, and you can
      > stick your legs out straight in front of you. No need to move
      > when tacking, just put the tiller over. Of course you have to have
      > seat out to do this.
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