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  • Matthew, Agnes and Fletcher Peillet-Long
    Aug 1, 2001
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      Wow! A kindred spirit!

      Miles, the long-gone British aircraft manufacturer best known for its
      trainers, seriously proposed its Messenger light planes for anti-
      submarine patrol off merchant ships during WWII. The Messenger was a
      low-wing plane with slots and flaps, much like the French/Polish
      Rallye glier tugs. The were to operate from a 60-foot square deck
      with rope arrestor cords and a bungee-sprung net for backup. For
      demonstration flights, they marked out a square on the airfield and
      packed in 5 passengers to represent the weight of equipment and a
      depth charge. It all worked great, but bureaucracy killed it.
      Here's a link to some Messenger pics:

      For a real imagination-starter, got to James Wharram's site and check
      out some of his larger catamarans, up to 60'. I would think that you
      could power one of his big cats with a couple of small diesels to
      make a fantastic little carrier. Or, you could go with an ultralight
      on floats and use the boat as a seaplane tender, and get away with a
      much smaller boat.

      Keep dreaming!

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