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12689Re: [bolger] Re: Cheap and Dirty - plywood choices:

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  • Chris Crandall
    Jul 2, 2001
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      On Sun, 1 Jul 2001 cadbury@... wrote:

      > Here is Eastern Missouri . . .
      > I would be plenty happy if I could find a source of 3/8" MDO.
      > I had located ONE yard that carried it, but they have now
      > gone out of business (probably because they stocked 3/8" MDO
      > that nobody but boat builders wanted.

      I ordered up some 3/8 MDO here in Eastern Kansas. It sucked so bad, that
      even the lumberyard guy called me up and told me "prepare to be
      disappointed". I ended up buying some 1/2" MDO, which is OK, but doesn't
      make my heart sing.

      It's on the coasts (and Texas) that good ply can had at "sensible" prices.
      Trucking costs.
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