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12685Re: Confession Time

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  • ellengaest@boatbuilding.com
    Jul 2, 2001
      Hi Dennis,
      Aw shucks.........and here I was hoping to give Pippo a little
      surprise and get him "clicking" all over the place to find out more on
      his own about this fun design! These scientific types,like Pippo,have
      wonderfully curious minds and doing some"research"is usually right up
      their alley. ;-)
      I agree with you that this is an interesting design and everything
      I have read about them over the years has been positive.There is even
      someone building a modified 18footer,out of aluminium with plans to
      take her on a world voyage.Don't know if he ever did it or if he is
      even finished yet.
      Anyway,I hope Pippo finds this design fulfilling his requirements
      and gets him out sailing eventually!
      Peter Lenihan,back from a rainy,blusterey Canada Day weekend,from the
      shores of the St.Lawrence......

      --- In bolger@y..., PseudoDion3@a... wrote:
      > Peter, the boat is a Great Pelican:
      > LOA 16
      > Beam 8
      > Draft 4"/4'
      > Weight 480lbs
      > Sail Area 129 sq ft
      > Jib 58 sq ft.
      > There is a Super Pelican version of 18ft that has the same specs
      except it is
      > two feet longer. They also make a 12ft one as well. From what I
      > the hull is a grand banks dory style with a sampan type bow. Made to
      sail in
      > San Francisco Bay, these boats are good sailers all around and can
      > pretty rough conditions. The sampan bow is supposed to prevent
      broaching. It
      > is an interesting design, I think.
      > Dennis Marshall
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