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12651San Francisco Pelicans

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  • gerry777@webtv.net
    Jul 1, 2001

      The boat Ellen referred you to
      http://www.ns.net/~jheidgr/pub/picture1.htm is the Pelican (1959). This
      is a boat which, to me, seems to so fit the Bolger-thinking that I have
      always had a hard time believing he did not design it.

      When you go to the picture be sure to click on the "Homepage" so you can
      get the story and specifics of the boat. I first saw the Pelican in
      1960 in a boating magazine that Sports Afield published at the time. I
      have kept the plans from the magazine from that time til this.
      fortunately after the first design, it was enlarged twice.

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