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12200Re: Multiple groundings and other tricks......

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  • cha62759@traverse.com
    Jun 1, 2001
      Hi Peter,
      Off the trend of this website however in line with my coming to grips
      with roots so to speak....I have recently read the only book on
      Canadian history available in Traverse City and environs "The
      Illustrated History of Canada" edited by Craig Brown I'm ready for the
      next level of detail. Any recommendations?

      --- In bolger@y..., ellengaest@b... wrote:
      > My first nook was the bank of the original canal dug up for use
      > by the French and British during the fur trade.This little canal,no
      > more then a glorified trench really,would later become the Lachine
      > canal and serve as the gateway for opening up the rest of
      > Canada.Pointing my bow toward the banks,I idled in toward the
      > of the Hudson Bay Trading companys' fur warehouse.This large
      > fieldstone building served as the"end of the line" for the many
      > coureurs de bois(trappers) as they made their way down the Ottawa
      > River and then down the St.Lawrence(the little stretch known as Lac
      > St.Louis) with their canoes piled high with beaver pelts.Thanks to
      > efforts of various agencies,the building remains intact pretty much
      > its' original state and one can easily imagine the relief felt by
      > trappers when they would finally lay eyes on this structure after
      > months of nothing but forests and streams.
      Peter Lenihan,lulled almost into dreamland by the gentle tapping of
      > raindrops on the window,from the shores of the St.Lawrence......
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