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12194Re: Where's the beef?

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  • ellengaest@boatbuilding.com
    Jun 1, 2001
      Thanks for the link kayaker37..........I suppose that for those who
      have read through the article,plywood and epoxy ain't lookin' so bad
      I've gone ahead and printed a few copies of it to bring down to the
      club this weekend.I figure I just have to leave it hanging around the
      bar for the weekend and who knows.......might"scare" up some offers on
      my Micro before too long.:-)......
      Peter Lenihan

      --- In bolger@y..., kayaker37@h... wrote:
      > I have a deposit on an Edey and Duff Dovekie, so I decided to do
      > research on how to tell quality fiberglass work. I came across a
      > with an article called "Are They Fiberglass Boats Anymore?" by David
      > Pascoe , Marine Surveyor.
      > In the article, he talks of looking over a large field of badly
      > damaged boats caught in relatively minor storms. Most of the damage
      > was done by very poor workmanship, and he was able to rib the sides
      > off some of the boats with only his fingertips. He mentions that
      > todays "advanced composite boats" contain little fiberglass, and
      > of filler. Anyway, I don't know if this exactly fits the forum or
      > not, but if your interested check out the article at
      > http://www.yachtsurvey.com/Fiberglass_Boats.htm
      > I have crossposted this to a couple of sites, because I felt it is a
      > very good article.
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