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12192Re: Where's the beef?

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  • jmbell@mindspring.com
    Jun 1, 2001
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      Whoa! An I thought Sea Rays were supposed to be higher quality than
      the rest...

      I wonder how a boat built out of 1/2" AC Fir or BC pine plywood
      sheathed with 6 oz. fiberglass set in epoxy would fare in the
      conditions that damaged all the boats in the article? Anyone want to
      bet against the plywood boat being more durable?

      JB in Kennesaw <><

      --- In bolger@y..., kayaker37@h... wrote:
      > I have a deposit on an Edey and Duff Dovekie, so I decided to do
      > research on how to tell quality fiberglass work. I came across a
      > with an article called "Are They Fiberglass Boats Anymore?" by
      > Pascoe , Marine Surveyor.
      > In the article, he talks of looking over a large field of badly
      > damaged boats caught in relatively minor storms. Most of the damage
      > was done by very poor workmanship, and he was able to rib the sides
      > off some of the boats with only his fingertips. He mentions that
      > todays "advanced composite boats" contain little fiberglass, and
      > of filler. Anyway, I don't know if this exactly fits the forum or
      > not, but if your interested check out the article at
      > http://www.yachtsurvey.com/Fiberglass_Boats.htm
      > I have crossposted this to a couple of sites, because I felt it is
      > very good article.
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