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12107Re: Multiple groundings and other tricks......

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  • ellengaest@boatbuilding.com
    May 27, 2001
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      Glad to read that things are moving along smartly with your Micro
      FIREFLY.I wish you continued success and look forward to seeing
      FIREFLY(finished or not ;-D ) at the LAKE CHAMPLAIN BOLGER MESSABOUT.
      Playing around in small boats does encourage us to slow down just
      enough to allow more pleasant thoughts to percolate up to our
      conscious mind......almost the way they used to arrive spontaneously
      when we were swaddled in the innocent cloth of childhood.Good
      Go easy with the Karma Sutra,my friend,lest you forget all about
      the tasks at hand!
      Peter Lenihan...............

      --- In bolger@y..., djost@m... wrote:
      > Peter,
      > That is what I love about sailing. the pace of the activity and
      > the silence or at least low DB, allow one to think and ponder great
      > or small thoughts.
      > After reading your delightful story, I bolted out of the house
      > and into the garage to resume work on "Firefly". I now have
      > watertight bulkheads at A and D, and a complete keel assembly.
      > Climbing in and out of the bow compartment is quite and adventure.
      > More Kama Sutra stuff. After the parade tomorrow morning I hope to
      > glass the outsides completely. Everything is relatively smooth and
      > fair at present.
      > You motivated me!
      > Thanks,
      > David Jost
      > "scrubbing off the epoxy with Lava soap. It really works quite
      > well, much more tame than solvents."
      > snip.
      > iting indeed!
      > > Fortunately,they all remained safely ensconced within the
      > > quarters of their cabins,far from the dangers,thanks to the
      > > overwhelming presence of......................the mayfly!
      > > And thanks to a reasonably full and very cold cooler,I can
      > remain
      > > calm enough to enjoy the luxury of puttering around in my Micro
      > > right through hords of those pesky critters!
      > > Sincerely,
      > > Peter Lenihan,lulled almost into dreamland by the gentle tapping
      > > raindrops on the window,from the shores of the St.Lawrence......
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