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  • Lincoln Ross
    May 2, 2001
      Payson is known for rowing facing forward, which is supposed to be some sort of Maine tradition. Perhaps Bolger designed it this way for Payson.
      I just took a look at the drawings in "Build the New Instant Boats", and it looks to me like Bolger doesn't want to mount the oarlocks in the daggerboard trunk. As the oarlocks are shown, I bet you could row backwards (i.e. stern first while facing bow) when solo, and forwards (bow first, facing stern) with two people on board. Perhaps this is what Bolger intended. I know that on the Brick he expects you to put an engine, if used, on the bow transom and go backwards. The Brick is a very similar, though slightly larger boat.

      --- In bolger@y..., aquillma@m... wrote:
      > Hello Group,
      > My name is Andrew Quillmann and not only am I new to this group but
      > I'm also new to boat building and boating in general. I built
      > Tortoise late last fall and I haven't been the same since. Since the
      > boat was built late in the fall I only had one chance to actually
      > sail the boat but the wind was practically non-existant and the sail
      > never really got a chance to fill. So my first sailing experience
      > was less than spectacular. I finally had an opportunity to sail
      > Tortoise this year for the first time. The winds were about 8 mph so
      > it was perfect for me. It was an absolute joy! What a rush! Also, I
      > didn't spill myself in the water so I considered the outing a
      > complete success. I now know I am completely hooked on sailing and
      > boat building! After building Tortoise I bought plans for Diablo
      > from Mr. Payson. But after sailing Tortoise I have decided to put
      > Diablo off for a while and build Gypsy or cartopper. I know this
      > group will be an invaluable resource when I start construction.
      > I do have a quick question about Tortoise. The design calls for the
      > oar locks to be mounted such that the operator faces forward
      > and "pushes" the oars to row forward. Does anyone see a reason why I
      > couldn't mount the oar locks more toward the stern and set it up to
      > row the boat with my back facing the bow and row the boat in the more
      > traditional fashion of bow first?
      > Thanks,
      > Drew Q.
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