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  • djost@ma.ultranet.com
    Apr 1, 2001
      On a visit to the Edey and Duff Boat yard last summer. I
      noticed one of the workers sanding the wooden teak rails for their
      new day sailor (it is not a Bolger, but does have an electric
      engine!) I asked him what he used to get the rail bedded down so
      beautifully. He said 5200 tan colored. It looks like wood and sands
      well when dry.
      I considered using it for the rails and gunwales on my Micro but
      changed my mind when I found the price for this would be four times
      as much as using epoxy. I also considered putting a heavy bead of
      this on top of the keel prior to jacking in place, but that too was
      more expensive and no more effective than epoxy. It seems like nice
      stuff if you can afford it, It is easier to clean up than epoxy (I
      used it over and under all the keel bolts that hold the keel batten
      on. It is very difficult to work with in cold weather.
      I guess this horse is dead. Sorry, but I could not resist
      kicking it.

      David Jost
      "watching the robins break their beaks on frozen worms"
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