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1038[bolger] Re: Sharpshooter

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  • Chuck Leinweber
    Dec 1, 1999
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      > Might have misunderstood, but my reading of Bolger's Sharpshooter essay
      > was that it wasn't so much the physical boat (and its cog) which went up
      > a wattle, but that the original design encouraged all aboard to =stand
      > up= which raised the overall cog to unsafe heights.
      > This surely would remain a danger in any re-addition of superstructure
      > onto a sharpshooter hull?
      > Tim & Flying Tadpole


      I stand corrected. You are right about the original Sharpshooter. The one
      I am considering will have a low superstructure, and low (9.9 hp) power
      motor, and will be used in protected water. The idea is a little brother to

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