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1025[bolger] got the plywood

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  • tjfatchen@ace.net.au
    Jan 9, 2000
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      BO>Hi all - unespectedly enough, my plywood arrived yesterday preceded by a
      BO>phone call by the expeditioner in the afternoon. Seems good stuff, even
      BO>if not exceptionally high quality. No knots whatsoever, no voids visible
      BO>at the edges. Total cost, including delivery into my garage, has been
      BO>the equivalent of 520 US$ at today's rate. The total quantity is
      BO>equivalent to 17.5 4'x8' sheets, 3/8" thick, 5 plies.


      Allowing for the crashing $A against the steadily descending $US, that
      amounts to about $A 46 per sheet, about what we pay for reasonable
      exterior grade 1/4", only 2/3rds of our B-grade 3/8" price

      Wonder if I should buy in Italy and import??? I've got to get started on
      the Shoebox...nah..

      Tim & FLying Tadpole
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