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10221[bolger] Re: Trouble Brewing in the N.E.

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  • David Ryan
    Mar 2, 2001
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      >> I my experience, you can make book on these charts for anything out
      >> to 72 hours. Beyond that they defiantly have a certain "boy who
      >> wolf" factor.
      >Yesterday, I looked at the forecast in the NY Times. It said today
      >would be clear and sunny. In fact, it snowed until noon and was
      >cloudy for the rest of the day.
      >I agree on the 72 hour rule. They often the the 'what' right, but
      >the 'when' wrong.

      Trying to surf the east coast will turn you into an amateur
      meteorologist even faster than it will sent you to the looney bin.

      In my experience, they've got a pretty good 72 hour line on the
      winter weather pattern. If it's Monday and I see what looks to be a
      solid swell setting up for Thursday, consider me booked.

      OTOH: A hurricane anywhere in the Atlantic basin and they can't get a
      solid forecast out 24 hours.



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