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Fwd: Women's Fall Season Instructions!

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  • Lynda Ransdell
    Hi Everyone: I am forwarding this in case some of you are interested in signing up for women s league and you didn t receive the last email. We d love to have
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    Hi Everyone: I am forwarding this in case some of you are interested in signing up for women's league and you didn't receive the last email. We'd love to have you back in the fold and/or playing with this group if you're interested. Ice World has made it so the cost is significantly reduced from past years ($317 vs. 395) and we are now able to have teams of 12 (vs. 22 hahaha). Goalies, you are included because you can skate FREE--but you have to be one of the first to register!!!!!  Yes, you read that correctly!!!!!
    Women's hockey has gotten more competitive and more exciting every year I have played. I hope you will consider playing as we have made some plans to ensure that a high level of play continues for a low cost--with reasonably sized teams. Don't hesitate to contact Wendy if you have any questions (scowlgirl@...). Our ultimate goal is to have enough players for at least 4 teams. Be there or be square!
    Take care, Lynda

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    From: Wendy Venable <scowlgirl@...>
    Date: Mon, Aug 2, 2010 at 12:17 PM
    Subject: Fall Season Instructions!

     Hello hockey players!
    Here are your instructions for signing up for fall league and receiving the team discount on registration costs:
    1.  Logon to usahockey.com and register for your new USA hockey number for the 2010-2011 season.  This has to be done before fall
    registration.  The cost is around $36.00.
    2.  Print out the two attached forms and fill them in completely.  No, you do not have to add team names on the forms as they haven't been decided.  These forms do need to be signed and the payment information needs to be filled in as well.
    3.  Attach a check or credit card information on the bottom of the registration form.  The total due per person is going to be $317.00 for the season.  This is quite the savings from paying Iceworld's costs of $395.00.  There is also a $25.00 late fee if you register through Iceworld after August 31st.  So, take advantage of these savings!
    4.  Mail these documents (including your new usa hockey number on the registration form) to the following PO Box.
    Wendy Venable
    PO Box 6411
    Boise, ID  83707
    GOALIES:  If you are only playing goalie and you want to make sure you are put on a team for free--fill out all forms, with USA hockey number and send these in to the PO Box.  Do not send your payment, as goalies are free with a full-paying team.  But, depending on how many teams we are able to register, that is how many free goalies we are able to roster.  If we only register two teams, we will take the first two goalies, and the others may end up having to pay, according to Iceworld regulations.  So, goalies, send in your forms if you want to play for free!!!!!
    DEADLINES:  We must receive all forms and payments by August 20th.  Then this gives us a week to organize the league and a few more days after that to register the teams.  We are forming teams of 12 players each.  Depending on how many people send in their forms will determine how many teams we can register for the discount.  We cannot control the number of people who sign up and we can only form teams from those who pay.  Everyone else who doesn't respond will have to sign up at Iceworld and will form an extra team from those who sign up through them or sign up late.  We hope that we can put everyone on a formed team, but if we can't due to numbers, you may have your checks returned and you may be asked to sign up at Iceworld.  Therefore, SEND IN YOUR CHECKS PROMPTLY IN ORDER TO SECURE YOUR SPOT ON THE FORMED TEAMS.  Please do not take anything personally if you are one of the last people to send in your forms and we do not have any more room for you on a team.  You will then have to sign up at Iceworld and will not get the discount.  So, this means that those who send their checks in first will be the first to be put on the teams for the team discount.  Also, keep in mind that even if you send your checks or your cc information today--these will not be cashed or charged until the teams are registered at the end of the month.
    DISCLAIMER:  There is a panel of seven people who are involved in this team committee and are helping organize the fall rec league.  We will do our best to form as many teams as we can and make them as evenly strengthed as we possibly can.  This is not an easy task, and we ask your patience and understanding.  The team committee board works hard to manage the teams because paying with the team discount saves each individual player $78.00, it gives us a free goalie and it gives us the choice on how big we want our rec teams to be.  The committee has decided this year on 12 players per team because of the cost of subbing.  We believe that at $20.00 per game, the sub list is going to be very small.  We do not want to add any more players than that per team, as it cuts back on our individual ice time.
    PART-TIME SLOTS:  Because we are registering as a team, if you are an individual who would like to split a spot with someone else, we have the ability to roster 13 people on teams.  This would mean that you would split the games and split the fee.  This would also mean that only one of you can play at a time unless you are also a sub with a sub card.  The teams do not want players to abuse these shared spots, as we still only want twelve players per game.  Forming teams this way, however, does allow us to be able to share spots legitimately.  I have had several respond to me saying that they can't afford a full-time slot, and I have tried to pair people up, but am not getting any response.  If you would still like a shared spot, find that person, and send in your paperwork and payment together.  Again, it will still be first to send in forms,  first granted a team position. 
    If you have any questions, concerns or requests, you may email these to me and I will bring them to the team committee meeting.
    And happy hockey!

    "You face a bright future with endless possibilities, so make no small plans"  Bethine Church after receiving an honorary doctorate at BSU Spring Commencement (2009)

    Lynda Ransdell, Ph.D., FACSM, CSCS
    Professor, Dept. of Kinesiology
    1910 University Dr.
    Boise State University
    Boise, ID 83725-1710
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    SUMMER ADVISING for all Exercise Science majors will be handled by Dave Hammons (426-4863) or davidhammons@....

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