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Fwd: Fw: Gagnon Tournament

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  • Lynda Ransdell
    Anyone up for the women s division of this tournament? Looks like fun and a great cause! LR Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T ... From: Glenn Walker
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2009

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      From: "Glenn Walker"
      Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2009 15:01:27 -0700
      To: <Aaron.Waselewski@...>; <brandyinboise@...>; 'Chuck Delamere'<cdoemane@...>; 'Cichy Family'<thezoo7@...>; 'Debey Sue'<debeypenguin@...>; 'John Hart'<sleeplessknights@...>; 'Julie Walker'<aquamaniaswim@...>; 'Lindsey Leslie'<lmleslie@...>; 'matthew leslie'<mbleslie@...>; 'Michael Penguin'<thudtheace@...>; 'Robert Swofford'<srw7@...>; 'Rodney Hartley'<rodneyearlenec_hartley@...>
      Subject: FW: Gagnon Tournament

      From: Mike Chanley [mailto:MChanley@...]
      Sent: Friday, January 02, 2009 12:04 PM
      To: Alec Cindrich; Pete Bower; Gary Chapman; Steve Sproat; Debie Bower; George Schuster; Glenn Walker; Lisa Rae; John Howell; Gary Chapman; Andrew Bicksler; Brandon Gullquist; Alex Hall; Kelly McDonough; Neil Emerizy; Sally Brown; Tad and Michelle Porter; Dan Martin; Ryan Toney; Gary Brookshier; Brett Gallagher; Greg Burlo; Jason Kuglin; Pepi Ursillo; Derek Reis; Andy Jones; Mike Williamson; Ryan Hendriksen; Victor (BOISE ID) Antablian; Kelly Wey; Michael McDaniel; Cory Christensen; Melanie; Cathy Speck; Chad Smith; <Joel Fish; Katie Lynch; Julie Walker; Jim Kimball; Russ Cash; JENNIFER DAN HAGAN; Gary Charland; Dave Ingraham; Lloyd Ayers; Scott Miller; soulisreisen@...; Todd McClintick; Blake Spry; rytoney@...; todd.cunningham@...; Robert Swofford; Wes Anderson; Ted Radcliffe; Mike Grow; Russ Akers; Troy Edwards; Scott Soule; brendangormley@...; Robert Vorbeck; Todd McClintick; Cichy Family; Brian Vaarstra; Ted Koch; John Ursillo; Nick Thomas; Barbie McCormick; Tom Morgan
      Cc: Dani Storer; Lloyd Ayers; Dana Rusin; Cheryl Zorn; Travis Ceniga; Paul Feraci
      Subject: Gagnon Tournament


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