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1805Anna's Fall Prep Camp

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  • Lynda Ransdell
    Aug 6 3:03 PM
    Hi Everyone: I'm writing to pass along a flier for a women's hockey camp that is being held PRIOR to the start of women's league this fall/winter. (See attached). I have been in the past and it's a great camp--especially since it's local!  Anna and Jessica are hosting the camp and both are stellar players and coaches.  If you have any questions, email Anna directly (her email is on the bottom of the flier). If you can recruit 2 other friends (3 total), you ALL can get a $25 discount on the registration price--which is a screaming deal considering all the ice time and coaching. Happy skating and fire up for fall. (Rockstars, fire up for PLAYOFFSSSSSSS!!!!!!!)
    Take care, Lynda

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